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The Launching Gear TM

"The Easy Way To Get To Where The Fish Are"

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The retractable, LAUNCHING GEAR TM for single person pontoon boats. Mounts to the frame via bolts, brackets, or spacers below the seat, no drilling, only two 7/16" wrenches required and pivots into it's lowered position for transport to and from the water. Then pivots up to its interference free stowed position behind the seat and stays with the boat. Central location allows great maneuverability. 4.10/3.50-4 (10 inch diameter) pneumatic tire provides easy transport over soft and rocky surfaces. Quality plastic wheel has no rust Delrin bearing. All components custom fabricated in the USA from 1/8" thick aluminum, solid rivet & tig weld construction, bolt-on easy installation, hardware included. About 7 1/2 pounds. Available in the following models:

LG-1 for Leigh Outdoor* & The Creek Company * ODC Sport, ODC 816, ODC 1018

LG-2 for Bucks Bags *, (old frame)*, LG-2B for 2003-newer Bucks Bags *, Skookum* (Steelheader)

LG-3 for Outcast* & Dave Scadden* (except Bimini Twist, Roaring Fork & Cardiac Canyon)

LG-5 for Water Skeeter *, Orvis *, Copper River *Colorado*, & Skookum *Osprey

LG-5X for Water Skeeter * (mounts to anchor mount cross member or under seat)

LG-7 for Water Skeeter River Guide

LG-8 for Dave Scadden Bimini Twist, Roaring Fork & cardiac Canyon (without motor mount)

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To change position of Launching Gear

lift end of pontoon boat, remove locking pin

 position Launching Gear, reinstall locking pin


Best way

 Stand boat vertical on aft ends of pontoons &

 reposition Launching Gear


Lower stowed position maybe required for deck clearance on some boats



30 PSI



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No U-Bolts to damage your frame

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Easy Installation Instructions


Leigh Outdoor

Remove front seat screws, loosen back seat screws. Set the Launching Gear in place, attach with frame clamps, reinstall and tighten seat screws, tighten back seat screws. Tighten frame clamps.

Skookum Guide

Remove rear deck (drill out pop rivets with #11 drill), install on rear deck cross members, notch deck to clear clamps, reinstall deck with pop rivets or screws.


(early Bucks Bags)

Clamp the Launching Gear to frame with supplied clamps. (If anchor system is used, your Launching Gear must be set slightly off center) Lower stowed position is required for clearance if rigid deck is used.


Mark seat hardware locations, remove seat. Install the Launching Gear in seat track, using fender washers on both sides of track while clearing seat hardware locations. Reinstall seat.

LG-1A (Creek Co.), LG-2B (Bucks Bags), LG-5

Center the Launching Gear on the frame, tighten clamps.

LG-2B (Skookum Steelheader), LG-5X, LG-7, LG-8

Install the Launching Gear on center frame cross member and aft (anchor mount) cross member.

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DaBob Precision Sheetmetal

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P.O. Box 453

Indianola WA 98342

(360) 297-4316

fax: (360) 297-1693

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All product names, trade names, or corporate names mentioned in this document are acknowledged to be the proprietary property of the registered owners.

* Waterskeeter property of Sports Innovations Inc. Stockton, CA

* Copper River imported by Classic Accessories Kent, WA

* The Creek Co. property of The Creek Company, Ltd.

* Skookum property of Skookum Products, Inc.

* Orvis property of the Orvis Co. Inc.

* Dave Scadden property of Dave Scadden Pontoon Craft of North Fork, Utah

* Leigh Outdoor property of Leigh Outdoor Products Inc.

* Outcast property off Outcast Watersports

* Bucks Bags property of Bucks Bags Inc.